I Get To Play


August 9, 2016

I GET TO PLAY TODAY!!!!!! I sat at my computer for a few minutes trying to find the right way to say this, but it really is this simple. For the first time since October of last year, I get to do what I absolutely love-- I get to play.  I get to pull that jersey over my head, USA across the left side of my chest, RAPINOE across my shoulders, and play for my country-- in the OLYMPICS! Of course, with everything thing that I have overcome this year it is very special, but no matter what you go through, injuries or not, struggles or not, being an Olympian is an incredible and special experience.

I know there will be some rust that needs to be dusted off and some kinks to work out, but I am just ready to be out there again.  I can’t wait to sing the national anthem, take the pitch, feel the first beads of sweat (since we are in Manaus it's more like 1 million more beads of sweat!) yell at the ref because there is no way that was a foul on me, chase down a ball, connect a pass, and take a corner! 

Anyways, enough from me! Get your popcorn, drinks, and American tank tops on people, we got a Pinoe Party on our hands! GO AMERICA!



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  • I always love watching Pinoe play! Keep the big kicks coming, and tell your teammates to do one thing……follow up for second chance shots off of rebounds. They can create some of the best opportunities for goals. :-)

    • Meg
  • So excited you were able to play & so proud of the team. Go U S A!!

    • Karla
  • So happy for you! Loved watching you play, you did an amazing job! Keep writing in your blog we love reading it!❤️❤️
    Go USA!!!

    • MIchelle
  • I think we all took a collective sigh seeing you walk onto the pitch ready to do battle. Just having you out there, in any condition is going to rally the troops. I would rather take a draw than a loss. Congrats to Team US A and continued blesssings for a GOLD MEDAL FINISH! A fellow Portland Pilot alumnus and TEAM USA supporter!

    • Melissa Bowers
  • Watched in uk with no commentary, you did great!

    All the best

    • Hev