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August 4, 2016

Let me tell you-- it settles the collective nerves when we score early! It was a great start not only for the game, but for the tournament as well. Because we play every third day, this tournament in particular is all about managing the nerves, as well as the highs and lows. We were thrilled with the result last night, but after waking up this morning it's about moving on and preparing for the match against the French, Saturday.

I always relish the opportunity to suit up against the French. I still have friends on that team that I have been chatting with this week, giving them the "bonne chance, mais juste un peu” which means good luck, but just a little! And of course, they are a fantastic team that will bring out the best in ours. These are the games you live for as an elite player-- on the biggest stage, against some of the best teams in the world.

As for me, I am doing really well! I have been in full training with the team, and continue to feel more and more comfortable, every day. I can really feel all the work I have done these past months propelling me forward as I come back. I feel strong, fast, fit, and ready when my time comes.

I have had many people ask me if it was hard watching the first match from the bench, but I understand my role and will do everything this team needs to be successful. However, I will also do everything I need to get back on the pitch, as soon as I can. This tournament is long and grueling, but I am confident my time will come.

Other than all that footy stuff, Belo has been really cool. The weather here is paradise every day-- sunny days and cool nights. The city itself is filled with beautiful street art and graffiti. Some of the art is politically charged, while some is just purely an artistic expression that brings a beautiful color pop to the urban landscape. In general, the people of Belo Horizonte have been wonderful and seem to be excited the Olympics have landed in their city. 

Time for some rest and recovery. Until next time!

Caio Caio


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  • Megan,
    I loved how the coach brought you in the second half, knee brace and all for the France game, he meant business! Sending a message that we needed you and needed you now to spark the team, since they looked dead in the first half. A true inspiration on and off the field, that is why we all loved you at U of P and love you now. Best of luck for the rest of the tournament. USA! USA!

    • Melissa Bowers
  • Rock On Megan. I love the comments from the other ladies. I am excited for the match against France and think it will be great for both teams. We are all behind you. Thanks for being an inspiration and just an all around awesome person.

    • Kathleen
  • I brought my daughter to the game you played against Germany in the World Cup. She fell in love with soccer, your team and you! She has followed your fight for equal pay and it has provided a wonderful way for me to open up conversations with my children about gender and social justice. You are such a beautiful living example of self- acceptance and love. We enjoy watching you live and play with such joy. Thank you for all of your contributions on and off the field. We will be cheering you on!

    • Nicole
  • Pinoe:
    I just read your letter to your 13 year old self. It makes me love you all the more. I have loved watching you play since before you became “famous”. Megan you are a very talented young woman, with such a good heart. I respect what you are doing for all young girls, young women, and anyone who isn’t sure about his/her sexuality. From one of your biggest fans, Nancy, a 68 year old git who loves your authenticity.

    • Nancy Guetschow