Slow Baby Bouncies

Megan GoPro Training from Sean Toshima on Vimeo.

 June 6, 2016

Back in Seattle! After a great ( and by great I mean I am still trying to catch my breath, that Colorado air is no joke!) week of training in Colorado with the WNT. Now, I am back in Seattle training with the Reign, FC. I feel so lucky to have this great environment to come back to in my home city.

There is so much work to be done in preparation for Rio but I'm taking it one day at a time! Today starts with a dynamic warm-up, passing patterns, trying not to trip over my own feet, and a bit of finishing on goal to round out the day. Oh, ha, and of course, run run run run!!!

Stay tuned for more #RIOMODE...



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  • Go go gadget Pinoe

    • BTWilson
  • I love whatever you do!

    • Luca
  • I love whatever you do!

    • Luca
  • Go Pinoe!!!

    My daughter attended your Long Beach camp this past winter and had a blast with your team. She still talks about being able to do circle time with you and ask random questions as the best camp activity she has ever done!

    • CHet Spreen
  • My girls and I are waiting to see you play! Train hard and bust some butt! Go Pinoe!

    • Kristi Bennett