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May 31, 2016

I’m nervous, I can’t lie about that. I can’t sit here and tell you that it doesn't cross my mind, that I don’t worry about it, that I don’t think about it. When I plant and cut, take a touch to strike a ball, run up the stairs, or sit cross legged. But it’s part of it isn't it? It’s part of coming back from a major injury, an injury that has kept me out of the game for months. It’s getting that confidence back, and feeling free again. It’s all part of training your body to remember these movements so often and so naturally, so your mind doesn't have to.

Don't worry, I'm enjoying it as well! I am back in National Team camp for the first time in months, and it feels like I haven't missed a beat. The jokes with my teammates have come back as easy as throwing the boots on again. While I know their faces have brought a renewed energy for me, I have an inkling that feeling is mutual. Its starting to feel real. Really real. It’s time y’all. From this point forward I now consider myself in #RIOMode, and I think you should too!



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  • This post is such an inspiration to my 16 year old daughter Sophie who is 11 weeks post op for a torn ACL. She is working hard so she can get back on the pitch with her teammates!! Can’t wait to put on our Pinoe attire this month!!!

    • Jennifer Ramirez
  • Nice work, Megs. You got this.

    • Eric Porter
  • Around a year ago this time of year I had suffered a major injury of breaking my shin bone aka my tibia. Before i had broke my shin I sprained my knee 3 months before hand. At this point i had felt i couldnt catch a break. I was just about to head into my sophomore year of high school playing varsity. I felt upset, hopeless, and empty knowing with a cast up to my hip i would be out for several months. I missed a whole soccer season and a week of school and came back the day of finals. I had felt extremely stress and hopeless because i would usually go for a run when i felt this way. Knowing i was unable to play and run hit me hard. I was put in a full length hard cast up to my hip for five weeks. After wards i was put into another cast that was relatively the same hight however it was water proof. Everyday of the summer i had sat at every practice being there for my teammates and supporting them. By the last week of july i was put into a boot and was only 25% weight bearing. When the doctor had taken my cast off i felt an enormous amount of fear seeing how small and fragile my leg looked compared to my other leg. I went to physically therapy three times a week until october 13th, the day i was cleared. Throughout my healing process the womens world cup had just started the tournament the team was playing in was just ended. As a mid fielder myself you as a player stuck out to me the most. The heart, technic, & passion you show on the feild showed me that despite my injury I could make it to the level you play at. Durring the few first week of the world cup it was hard for me to watch games while i sat feeling hopeless on the couch. I wanted to thank you and tell you how much i look up to you as a person an a player. You gave me a positive outlook and gave me the ammunition, when i was cleared, to come back 1,000x stronger. Whether it was raining, cold, sunny, hot, snowing, hailing etc.. You gave me someone to look up to try to achieve the same goals as you because you showed me i can do it even though i had been going through a major injury at the time.

    • Carina
  • awesome!! Focus Danielson!!

    • Jule K
  • Hell yes!! This makes me so happy to read. I can’t wait to watch you play. You have such raw talent, trust yourself. GAME DAY TOMORROW!

    • Mallory