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May 31, 2016

I’m nervous, I can’t lie about that. I can’t sit here and tell you that it doesn't cross my mind, that I don’t worry about it, that I don’t think about it. When I plant and cut, take a touch to strike a ball, run up the stairs, or sit cross legged. But it’s part of it isn't it? It’s part of coming back from a major injury, an injury that has kept me out of the game for months. It’s getting that confidence back, and feeling free again. It’s all part of training your body to remember these movements so often and so naturally, so your mind doesn't have to.

Don't worry, I'm enjoying it as well! I am back in National Team camp for the first time in months, and it feels like I haven't missed a beat. The jokes with my teammates have come back as easy as throwing the boots on again. While I know their faces have brought a renewed energy for me, I have an inkling that feeling is mutual. Its starting to feel real. Really real. It’s time y’all. From this point forward I now consider myself in #RIOMode, and I think you should too!



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  • Who r u to speak for the team. U have ruined women’s soccer by kneeling for anthem. If u can’t respect your countries flag u don’t need to represent U S team. Your political views need to be kept to yourself. U should be ashamed. Go live in N Korea or Iran and maybe u will appreciate how good u have it here

    • T Burnham
  • I can’t believe how your arrogant, presumptive recent remarks have turned me from a rabid USWT fan into one now rooting for France so that an invite to the PEOPLE’S house is moot.

    • James Peffall
  • Being a 15 year old girl, I tore my acl 6 months back. Another girl on my team did as well. You sent her email, which she read to me considering how heartfelt and inspiring it was. Thank you for being such an amazing role model for young girls like me to look up to. Wishing you a healthy recovery! Also can’t wait to see you ball out in Rio!!

    • soccer22
  • Chloe U14 is a major fan. She watches you and the team all she can. Her movements are learned from you.
    The way you enjoy the game makes me scream “why doesn’t everyone e love it like this?”
    You are an icon, role model and athlete I hope my girls continue to watch.

    Find a way to come to Chicago. We love you here too!

    Hell yeah Rapinoe!

    • Daryl
  • My daughter has been a huge fan of yours for awhile. She is coming back from injuries to both knees and an ankle. She hasn’t played since early January. Madi has begun training again but she shares the same fear of being injured again. She took a weird step and slightly bruised her ankle again. We read your post and I could see her spirit being lifted up and that she is going to kick her fear in the a**. She is now counting the days until she joins her new team in Colorado.

    Thank you for sharing your challenges because you teach your fans to reach higher and to “Be Your Best You!” My daughter is following this. I can’t thank you enough for motivating her and keeping positive messages alive and building self confidence. In this world, people are all too quick to go to the negative . It’s hard to keep a 13 year old focused on positive when the ugliness of negativity is more prominent every day.
    Each day should actually be filled with positive messages and lifting each other up. I am thrilled we have your positive and honest messages to lift our girls up. Thank you.

    • Catherine